Remote Controlled Paper Titanic Model

Introduction: Remote Controlled Paper Titanic Model

This is my Titanic model that I made out of paper. It is 5 feet long and has lights in it. It is also remote controlled. It took me 17 weeks to make it. I hope you like it.



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    Great model! Can you share the tutorial? Or the pdf with the pieces? Tkx

    Nice one. Well done. How did you seal and waterproof the hull?

    Ya know, Titanic was foreshadowed by a book called "Wreck of the Titan". It was written 14 years before the Titanic was built. It was about a ship called the "Titan". On her maiden voyage from Britain to New York, she collided with an iceberg somewhere in the northern Atlantic Ocean. She sank with the loss of the majority of her passengers and crew. Kinda creepy.

    this is truly an awesome piece of work! You have created something you should truly be proud of!

    That's one hell of a model. How large is it? And what did you do concerning waterproofing?

    Absolutely amazing! As a crafter/maker, I appreciate efforts like this...I understand the passion and dedication...yes, enter all the contests you can and thanks for sharing.

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    hey, I'd love to hear more about how this works, how did you put it together? what does the rc do? how did you plan out the project and cut out the pieces? I think if you added a little bit more detail this might be a really great entry in the remote control challenge!

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    Hi i put this together with a framework ( stacked glued paper ). The rc moves the propellers so it can move on water. I used the real Titanic's blueprints. I cut the pieces with scissors. Thank you.