Remote Controlled SOLAR POWERED Barge





Introduction: Remote Controlled SOLAR POWERED Barge

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Here is a solar powered barge I built. Sorry, no instructible but it's VERY BASIC R/C stuff. If you can hook up an RC car you can hook this up. Just wire the solar panel in parallel with the battery. It's that simple.

The solar panel and motor are from a solar attic fan. Everything else is from the R/C Store.



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    2 years ago

    what type of battery do you yous.

    i am designing a something like this but more complicated and i will instructable that in future. Some fact about my future project: name: viking method of control: web based ( by a wimax access point made by Chinese Huawei company) range: Maximum 10 km from south of Caspian Sea Beaches and along the Iranian marine north borders. i tested to distance of 20 km range of my wimax at a fishing ship . viking uses these instruments and devices: a small boat capable of floating max 10 kg on the Caspian sea waters. a long range WiMAX access point for sending the boat navigation commands and camera pan, tilt and webcam viewing two 12 volts sealed acid battery for maintaining the necessary power for Laptop , boat electric motor charger : SOLAR PANEL capable of sourcing minimum 2 amper for charging 2 battery and auxiliary charger by sea wave power and converting that to electric charge power for batteries . a waterproof low power but high speed electric motor for boat movements power . another electric motor for controlling a steering lever . a old laptop (Dell D500 or D600) a high quality webcam{ Logitech C510 }. viking project at summary : this boat is a internet based projects so easily is controlled by a visual basic 6 programmed by me and famous team viewer 8 application .{ so all the people contributing at this project may control that by teamviewer with knowing team viewer serial no and password) I accept any Spencer around the world for this project. ( if so please let me know ) and your company sticker on boat. the boat is designing with solidwork and will cut by a laser cutter and by plexiglass materials. i am 47 years old engineer expert in control and mechatronic and programming knowledge.

    u r right , it needs a diodes for suppressing discharge of battery.

    i may suggest adding a diode between the solar cell and the battery to keep the battery from discharging into the cell

     Why do people post things before they look them up?  I really don't understand this.  The few seconds it takes to post an incorrect fact could be used to type in three words into google and see that there are in fact "self propelled barges"  There are pics of them, facts on them .... even some for sale!  You could even simply type it into Webster's online dictionary and see the definition reads that barges are "usually" propelled by tow which means there are some that are not.  Come on peeps ... take two seconds to research things before you post incorrect information.  It just makes you look bad.

    Gonna build something like this Out of balsa wood of Closed cell foam !

    Yea can you please make an instructable for this. Looks simple enough to make though.