Remote Controller Safe




Have you ever wondered how you could relatively easly hide your pocket money from your little/bigger brother(s) or simply have your little "Fort Knox"? Well... with this Instructable you will be able to! Let's see what you'll need!


x1 Flathead screwdriver

x1 Phillips head screwdriver (Optional)


x1 Remote controller (An old and no needed one is raccomended)

It may seem an easy and stupid idea, but trust me... no one will ever notice it!

Step 1: Open Up Your Remote

Simply open up the remote.

To do this, remove the screws first and then gently open up the case. Pay attention not to break it, you will have to reassemble it later on!

Some models, like mine, do not have any screw. In this case, don't go mad and just use a flathead screwdriver to open the case, inserting it in the small split between the two halves of the the remote.

When you are done with the screwing and disassembling part, remove the circuit and the buttons layer, taking a part the bottom half of the remote, the part we're going to focus on.

Step 2: Take All the Banconotes You Want to Keep Safe

Take all the banconotes you want to keep safe and fold them as shown in the pictures.

1st Step: Take the dollar bill;

2nd Step: Fold it in half;

3rd Step: Fold it in half again;

4th Step: Do it one more time;

5th Step: Roll it up as tight as you can;

An average remote should store more or less 15/16 banknotes, for a maximum value of 8000$. Not bad for a simple remote, isn't it?

Step 3: Insert Your Moey in the Remote

Insert the previously folded banknotes in the remote.

If you need to, you can also put coins and various kind of tickets/coupon in it.

Step 4: Close Everything Up!

After you inserted the ca$h in your remote, reassemble it!

Congratulations! Now you've got your thief-proof 8000$ and clever-looking personal vault!


  • As you read this guide, anyone could. Do not consider it as a 100% safe hiding as pretty much anyone could find infos about it in the same web page you're reading right now! Use it just as a small-valuable-objects safe.
  • I do not absume any resposnability for lost or broken objects and tools and/or injuring during the building of the Remote-Safe!



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