Remote Crop Monitoring System(Intel IoT)

Introduction: Remote Crop Monitoring System(Intel IoT)

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The project attempted to monitor parameters associated with plants and crops such as the moisture level, humidity, temperature etc and upload the same to a cloud database and additionally alert and update the owner of the plantation regarding the same.The information obtained was stored and graphically plotted and processed with APIs. The wireless protocol of choice was the internet for its global range. The platform used was Intel's Galileo Gen 2 board.

Step 1: Hardware Required

The hardware used included the Galileo Gen 2 board and sensors from the Grove sensor kit(LDR,Moisture,Temperature). A relay module was also used to drive a water pump.

Step 2: Procedure

The tasks to be carried out are:-

1) Read values from the sensors mentioned.

2) Based on certain thresholds , take action.

For now, what was done was triggering a water pump in case the analog input from the moisture level sensor was indicating that the plant was dry or had a low analog input.

3) Upload data to the cloud. This was done with Intel's cloud platform.

Future steps to be taken(will upload soon)

4) Remote control via a webpage. A webpage will be designed for the intel board which has the values read from the sensors being plotted in real time and buttons to trigger actuators.

Step 3: Rough Demo

The link provided shows what I did at the hackathon. I will be posting an improved version of the project soon.

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    3 years ago

    Wow cool. New to instructables... how do we find out when the improved version is posted? would love to attempt to build this

    Siti Mei
    Siti Mei

    4 years ago

    Thanks. Very inspiring


    4 years ago

    I want to make a prototype of this crop monitoring system, as my Fyp. can you please guide me through your workings more elaborately?