Remote Monitor Arduino With IPhone Via 3G/4G/Wifi




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    2 years ago


    I'm Really interrested in ur iphone application and i installed it already.
    In fact i have a Recently bought a Arduino Mega card with a ES8266 shild made on " "

    and i would like be able to use directly on WIFI with ur application.

    My "little" problem is ur ino are writen to work with ethernet. I'm not that good to be able to do the modification directly.

    I will like u can help me to do.

    This kind of boards is new and it is not easy to find exemple or help online.

    I just know how to communicate and check the two boards, on AT commands.

    Thank you a lot in advance.


    PS If u are ok we can exchange Mail Adress

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    I'm not familiar with that board, but I've played with ESP8266 itself and the app works fine with it. So it should definitely be doable with your board as well. You could check this tutorial and see how to the Wifi part is done

    Remove all DHT11 related stuff if you don't have one and use analog sensor connected to A0 instead. You may use normal analogRead to read the value. You should replace the html part by the example code of this instructable.


    4 years ago on Introduction


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