[Arduino Project]#Remote Monitoring of Ultrasonic Sensor Value Using IoShield-A & Cloud Server




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My post explains how to monitor ultrasonic sensor value remotely using Arduino, ioShield-A & Xively Server.

Arduino Uno board is used for controlling whole system and measuring the sensor value. I'm using ioShield-A (which is based of W5500) for processing the TCP/IP connection.

Step 1: Parts & Program

I drew the schematic at the Fritzing.

Step 2: Operation Block Diagram

Each node and part operate and communicate as shown in below block diagram.

Step 3: Method the Using Xively 1/6

Now, I will connect to Xively(cloud service), one of the most popular cloud service in the world.

1. Connect to http://xively.com

Step 4: Method the Using Xively 2/6

2. After log-in, go to “Development Devices”

Step 5: Method the Using Xively 3/6

3. Input the “User Agent”, “Feed ID” & “APIKEY” in the Arduino Sketch

Step 6: Method the Using Xively 4/6

4. Now, you can remotely monitor the change of the sensor value.

Step 7: Method the Using Xively 5/6

// replace your Xively api key here

#define APIKEY “YfqMfUI4h9QIZ0dL8JQTpqfhIfaeXwGOc7qrpPeoFHecVPEI”

// replace your feed ID#define USERAGENT “make fair”

// user agent is the project name

#define FEEDID 863324820

Below code is to turn on the LED if the sensor value is under 10cm.

In case of String dataString = “Ultra,” and dataString += “\nTemperature, “, they must be same with the channel name that you made at the Xively

Step 8: Method the Using Xively 6/6(video)

The monitoring of sensor using the xively(HW - WIZ550io +Arduino uno)

Attached file

  1. dht11.zip : temperature library
  2. XivelyClientString_temperature.zip : arduino source code.

Please refer to attached video.

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    2 years ago

    great project i'll try it thanks a lot for your work ^^


    2 years ago

    like this project, thanks for sharing...


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This looks interesting. Can you explain a real-life application where you would put this into use? I'm curious how this could be used. Thanks!

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    That sounds good. Thanks :)


    Such as surveillance camera,I'm thinking of applying the sensors for home automation. I'm planning to be apply other sensor also.