Remote Control Camera Trigger, Wired

Introduction: Remote Control Camera Trigger, Wired

This is a short instructable on how to make a remote control for a camera that doesn't have one already. It involves a solenoid, a lite-brite screen a wall-wart, some wire and hardware. Easy to make, fun to use.

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Step 1: Get Required Stuff!

For this you will need a throw solenoid, a lite-brite screen, a 8-12 volt DC wall-wart, some wire (for distance) 1/4 X20 coarse threaded bolts nuts and washers and some short woodscrews.

Step 2: Cut Lite-brite Screen and Wood Pieces

Cut the lite-brite screen down the middle. Which middle? the middle between the two tabs or ears of the screen. In the picture below it would be a vertical cut.

Cut a couple pieces of wood off.

Step 3: Putting It Together

Screw the lite-brite screen halves to the wood.

If you notice in the middle picture below I have too much overhang of the litebrite screen so it won't sit level. I suggest you don't do this and I'll be fixing mine shortly.

Position your camera on the lite brite screen where you want it to be and put the solenoid on the camera against the screen for a test fit.

Once you are sure you know where you want the camera set aside the solenoid and look through the bottom of the screen to find the tripod mount of the camera.

Mark the nearest lite brite hole or put your finger on it so you know which one it is.

At this point you can drill the hole out a little and then take a bolt (1/4 x 20 coarse thread) and get it ready for insertion.

You should put a couple nuts on the bolt first, then a couple washers preferably a lock washer then a flat washer to finish it off.

Start the bolt in the hole for the camera and thread it so it is just sticking through.

Put your camera on it and turn until it is tight with the camera, back it off a 1/2 turn and tighten the nut closest to the camera then the second nut to the first nut.

Next comes the electrical part..

Step 4: The Electrical Connection...

Now you are ready for the solenoid to be installed.

Place your throw solenoid against the button and position it on the lite-brite screen how you want it.

Attach it. I used simple copper bell wire to secure my solenoid against the screen, you can do it how you want.

Then take the two wires from the solenoid and attach them to your extension wire, in my case I stripped out some old cat-5 I had lying around and used a twisted pair.

Then take the wall wart and hook one end up to the extension wire and either wire in a switch or be lazy like me and leave bare wire to touch. ( I like the spark.)

I the finished result out next to a bird feeding station I have in my yard and It was tough for me to catch shots of birds... I did end up with some cat pictures though. I scared the daylights out of this orange tabby when I took his picture.

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    9 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I'm not to knowledgeable about some of the components. Where can I find the throw solenoid? Is that the proper name and can I find that at a radio shack or hardware store?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Another name for it is "push" solenoid. Where electrified the rod in the middle is pushed out.

    A pull solenoid does exactly that. It pulls the extended rod in the middle back to itself.

    You might be able to scavenge a solenoid from an old tape recording answering machine.

    Since it really isn't a common item you might have to order one online.

    I have no history or knowledge of this company but they list solenoids for sale:


    12 years ago on Introduction

    What is/where'd you get that 'lite-brite screen'? I did a quick search for it and all that came up was some toy, stuff looks really useful though, please let me know where you got it, thanks


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    lite-brite is a toy sold by hasbro since the 70s.

    it is a toy where you put black paper on a screen and use colored plastic pegs to poke holes in it. the pegs get lit up from the back and display a picture.

    current for sale:

    I got my screen at a goodwill clearance store where you dig through junk and buy stuff by the pound.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Nicely done. The picture with the cat is awesome. Is that corn in the back? Great job!


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! Yes it is corn.. for the squirrels but the squirrels bring the cats trying to get them. :)