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Remember those crazy styrofoam air planes? Well I got a hold of one and decided to throw some electric motors on it that I got off of another plane that met its fate with a fence. Both planes were similar in material and weight. However the new styro plane does not have any premodified mounting by the manufacturer. So this Instructable will show you how to modify and upgrade and flimsy tube of styrofoam into hopefully a flimsy flying piece of styrofoam. The parts themselves consist of two 9.6v motors and battery.

Step 1: Materials and Gizmobobs

You will need the following materials for this build:

-One styrofoam glider plane. (Toys R Us $10ish)
-Old remote control airplane parts, remote and motors, battery (Ebay)
-Battery charger
-Wood screws
-philips head screw driver for editing

Step 2: Step 1 the Styroplane

Once you have acquired your plane. You got over half the materials already. Now you just need to spread it over the table and do some inventory. Make sure there are no breaks or cracks are in the styrofoam. If there is better get out some glue. With my parts I have, they were previously off of a much more stronger styrofoam plane that is basically the same design. So basically I just had to mount the old stuff in the same place as they were before.

Step 3: Installing the Motors

With this step you will need your motors and screws.

With my old plane having bit the dust, I was able to salvage both motors with one of the motors having some damage. The ones motor that was still perfectly good still had its original wing mount so that was easy as just putting the two screws and a rubber band to hold it in place. The other motor however was rough and severly damaged. No problem there! I just flipped it over and mounted it upside down using 3 wood screws placed securely into both wing and motor. Also I had to fix some broken wires on the damaged motor as well.

Step 4: Installation of the Circuits

For this you just need the control board

After your motors are mounted securely you can now mount the board in which connects your battery and two motors. I didn't cut a nice little square into the foam to mount it. I could have but decided to let it ride. This plane probably wont have to much flight time on it. I took my remaining wood screw and put it on one side of the board and took the long antenna wire and wrapped it around the body and tied it. Simple, effective? We'll see. Also I just took the sticker that came with the plane thats a wing decoration and wrapped it around the battery to secure it. Ghetto? Very. Once its all taped and tied together its about ready to assemble.

Step 5: Time for Assembly!

This is one of the more easy parts as to it being a kid toy. Just put it together. We can hide the wires later.

-Start with one wing and slide it into its slot.
-Take wing #2 and slide it into the other slot.
-Make sure they are both flush and even.
-Take the "U" style bracket and slide it into the holes until it is flush with the body, this holds the wings in place.
-The tail just simply slides into place and can be adjusted for ups and downs, this place has no remote actuators.

Step 6: Finished Product

Now that its all complete it looks like it just might fly! As you can tell from the last step it has a large wingspan and a little extra weight then it did before. All thats left to do is hide the wires and make it more smooth. The video shows some of the power it has and what it sounds like. Thanks for viewing and let me know what you think.

This is also the video of the old plane as it crashed... video is 9 secs. long.

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    It doesn't bend much but it doesn't take crashes to well.


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    I used a kit from another air plane. As you can see it didn't fare to well in a crash. eBay used to have them for around $40 which included control board and remote.