Remote Firework Igniter

Introduction: Remote Firework Igniter

So it's New Years eve again, this year let 2013 go out with a bang with help from the Remote firework igniter!

Step 1: What You Will Need

For this project you will need:
1.Hot glue gun
2.1 ohm resistors (NOT KILO OHM)
3.Matches (at least 1 per resistor) 
4.2x6V batteries 
6.Fireworks or something ignitable (if you want you can light a candle)

Step 2: Small Test

This video contains a small test showing what will happen with the resistor.

Step 3: The Igniter

For the igniter we will connect a resistor to a match so that the groove of the resitor fits onto the tip of the match. We then hot glue the contraption together. They should now all look like below.

Step 4: Battery Work

We will know make a 12v battery out of 2 6v batteries. This is easy, just connect a piece of wire onto the minus pole on one battery and on the plus on the other.

Step 5: Second Test

In this second test we will put one of our match resitors onto the battery. With our knowledge from the first test we should bring the match to light itself up with the resistor burning through. 

Step 6: Trying the Whole Thing Out

Nice, you made it know lets try the whole thing out on a Sparkler.
Sadly my camera didn't save this as a video but as a photo. Here it is anyway.

My next steps would be to :
Make it arduino compatible and make it able to be triggered by a smartphone/computer
Make a large controller box (like the ones on myth busters .etc)

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    You could dissolve the match heads in acetone and paint it on the resistors!