Remotely Reboot a PC With Mobile Phone Call

Introduction: Remotely Reboot a PC With Mobile Phone Call

First, sorry for all for my bad english, (I'm Spanish).

This is my first instructable and we lets'go to create a artifact wich we can reboot with a simply phone call, our PC, server or another machine.

The method is very simply, we have a twilight sensor and a mobile phone, when we call to mobile phone of the instructable, a full-screen symbian software in mobile shows a white screen that is detected by twilight sensor, and cut off energy of our PC.
When the call ends, phone's screen goes black, and twilight sensor (wich have a 30-seconds delay) enables energy again.

This system, wich appears very simply have the problem of unwanted calls, example comercial calls, mistakes, unwanted sms... Whe need that phone screen only goes white when our phone calls to instructable phone.

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Step 1: First Step: Configuring the Phone

In first step whe need to configure our phone to minimize posibilities of a unwanted call reboot our PC, so in instructable phone we need to:

- Set screen brightness to maximum
- Set screen backlight time to minimum
- Set screen saver to minimum but a bit after that screen backlight time
- Transfer to phone using bluettoth or wifi the images attached at this intructable animblackgif, white.jpg and black.jpg
- Assign to screensaver the animation file animblack.gif if is possible, is not important.

- Assign to background image of screen the image black.jpg, and set to black all of texts of colors of the actual phone theme. The idea is that the screen in standby mode must be all black as possible.

- Create a contact in phonebook with the number of our phone if not exists and assing a image white.jpg to it, the idea is that this image shows in fullscreen when we call to it.

- Download FSCaller of other symbian software that permit the image white.jpg shows bigger or fullscreen when we call the phone.

Step 2: Second Step: Mounting Plugs at the Sensor

In this step simply connect the electrics plug and socket at the twilight sensor, because the models of sensor may differ, you need to see the instructions of your sensor. In my case the connections are as follows.

Step 3: Third Step: Adjusting Sensor

All twilight sensors would have a adjusting wheel, that adjust the amount of light needed to switch the current, so we need to select the point of switch when the screen with backlight is showhing white.jpg and black.jpg image. (is needed that black.jpg image has backlight because a unwanted call will show black.jpg image and the phone will turn on backlight, but is not must be enought to switch the sensor because black.jpg image.
We need to call the phone some times without answer with phone that exists in phonebook with white.jpg image and later with other number.

Step 4: Final Step: Mounting Phone

Int his step simply mount the phone wih screen front of sensor, and fix it with plastic flanges, additonally we can cover all with a simply black sheet or a simply black socket unused please! :) Is improtant to connect the power charger o the phone and the electric plug (male) at the electric socket repeater

Step 5: Demostration Videos

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    4 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    additionally, almost all mainboards have the "restore last state when energy fails", but few years ago, a older pc that need to bee restarted too, i connected a 12v relay ina 12v (yellow and black) power source of computer, and the relay pins connected to the cables of power pins of the mainboard. When the pc is working the relay is feeded bat the relay pins disconnected, and when the energy fails, the relay pins stay connected mainboard pins, and when energy back, the pins desconnected, but not before the mainboard reaction starting because the pins are connected. Sorry my bad english


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Really would be better connect the sensor to reset pins, for example, but in my case i have a system wich include a fiber optic ont, routers, NAS, and ip cameras, and when i cant acess to any system and dont'know what happens a 100 km's of distance (where i am) the only effective solution is a huge cout off of current that works better that anything.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Why not connect to the main-board re-set pins?
    Cutting the mains supply is rather "blunt" and will not usually cause a reboot (powered-off, stays off).



    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    .  While I have to agree that killing the power is a very poor way to shutdown a modern computer, most now have a BIOS option (look under Advanced Power Management or something similarly named) that will allow the computer to boot on re-application of mains power.