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Introduction: Removable Bike Basket

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Sometimes I need a basket, sometimes I don't.  This is just a simple way to hang a basket from the bars with the ease of a fast removal.  This particular basket is re-purposed from an old garden hose reel.

Step 1:

With the simple use of some bungee strap ends, I'm able to hang this recycled basket from my bars. When I don't need it it pops off in a snap.



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    Yes, I have since added a Velcro strap around the goose neck for such endeavors. But honestly I just ride street and it works fine.

    would it work on a mountain bike since the handle bar is almost straight?

    Yes but each bike is different. I would switch this same basket from this bike to my Giant with a straight bar.

    I like your baskets but I tend to wreck those. My re-purposed basket is more my budget and style. I also don't have to keep up a pretty pink bike for my lady. That would make a huge difference.

    This is something my hubby would do! He keeps bungees around, they do have many uses! I like your pictures.Thanks for sharing! Hope your day shiines!