Removable Workbench and Jig

Introduction: Removable Workbench and Jig

It is a jig for facilitating different woodworks (sanding, planning or cutting etc) on the foldable workbench.

Painted with different colour to be distinguished (flat=yellow, helping=blue).

Step 1:

A flat piece of mdf and a wooden traverse is the Removable Workbench I worked on.

Step 2:

Painted the flat area (yellow) and the supporting wooden pieces (blue), while the circular holes help better fixation on the foldable workbench, holding the wooden pieces under this surface with clamps, placing in different positions according to the kind of work..

Step 3:

Wooden pieces can be tightened in a fixed distance with a clamp, providing the certain repeating cuttings.

Step 4:

The secondary plate, with a horizontal (over it) and a sliding bar (on the side) [blue] help the circular saw to slide and cut the wood accurately (12cm from the sliding bar).

The weight of the circular saw as the pushing of the plate by hand keeps the wood steady enough to make the cutting accurate and in one movement.

Step 5:

The horizontal sliding bar can host thicker than (~2cm) flat pieces of wood and wider (10-15cm). It is longer than the sliding plate and can ride over the piece wood to be cut and the steady traverse.

Again the weight of the circular saw, as well as the hand pressure is enough for steady position in there, to succeed a fine and safe cutting. For more secure clamps can be used additionally.

I hope it helps and generates ideas for more secure and effective jigs.


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    3 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    nice project.

    Thank you for sharing

    Only question is : are you sure that painting the bench is a good idea ? Sooner or later the paint will mark the pieces you're working on if you tighten or wack them hard. That's why woodworking benches are never painted or (most of the time) varnished ...

    Anyway, great idea. Good job and excellent Instructable.

    Thanx again


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice little project, very handy! Thanks for sharing this.

    Pat Pending
    Pat Pending

    5 years ago

    Great instructable!