Removable Hat Fan/desk Fan

Are you ever feeling hot but don't want to carry a fan around or stay by an air conditioner? I decided to make my own hat fan to keep me cool and mobile. You can even take it off your hat and use it as a desk fan. I will show how and you will hopefully enjoy using it as much as i did.

Step 1: Gathering Supplies and Tools


· some hook-up wire (black and red)

· a generic handheld fan using 2 AA's

· a large binder clip

· some popsicle sticks

· 2 tacks (i ended up using 2 small panel board nails)

· a reg slide switch


· Fridge magnet

· Duct tape


· glue gun

· Multi tool

· Scissors

Step 2: Take Apart Your Fan

First take apart your fan, then separate (crack or saw off) the fan part from the battery part, and save all the guts.

Step 3: Beginning to Rewire/rebuild

  • attach new wire to other side of motor
  • rebuild the battery box (hot glue if necessary)
  • add new wire to battery box
  • rebuild fan box

Step 4: Building Mount

  1. this will be made with a binder clip, i added duct tape to both sides sothe hot glue will stick
  2. cut out these 2 sets of popsicle sticks for the mount and fan piece
  3. attach with hot glue the mount piecesmountpieces

Step 5: Attaching Mount

  1. mark where axle will slide through
  2. use 1/16 in pilot bit to make hole
  3. take the 2 panel-board nails and cut in half so they shouldn't be too long
  4. put the nails in and coat the nail on the inside with hot glue so it won't slide out

Step 6: Wiring Switch

  • attach switch to fan + and another lead we'll connect later
  • cut away part of mount for switch
  • glue down switch

Step 7: Add 2nd Mount to Other Side for Batteries

  1. cut out popsicle pieces as shown
  2. glue them down
  3. glue down battery box to mount
  4. wire + to + and - to -

Step 8: Add Magnet to Bottom of Battery Box

use to get better grip on metal objects

Step 9: Enjoy

enjoy it on your head or your desk

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