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Introduction: Removable Headlight for Bikes

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I needed a bright headlight for my bike so I can go bike riding at night, but they are quite expensive.
However I do have a very bright 1 watt LED torch that I brought from Wickes
( ) for about £7. I can attach the torch to my bike with rubber bands easily when I want to go night riding and easily detach the torch when I need to use it to see my way around in dark places.
This technique can save you some money from buying a headlight for your bike.

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Step 1: The Parts You Need

A very few parts is needed...

- A bike (obviously)
- Any type of torch (flashlight) you wish to attach to your bike (I use a 1 watt LED torch from Wickes ( ) and it cost me about £7 or $14)
- A few rubber bands (if you live in UK, you might easily obtain free red rubber bands from pavements and roads, all of the red rubber bands are littered by postmen.)
- Batteries for your torch

Step 2: And Attach the Torch Onto Your Bike!

Depending on your bike design, you can attach your torch anywhere on your bike.
I decided to attach my torch on the hand bar, reflector, and the brake and speed control cable with rubber bands.
I recommend you to attach your torch to your bike with five or more rubber bands if you want your torch well secured onto your bike.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Night Ride on Your Bike!

And finally, enjoy your bike ride at night!
This technique can save you money from buying a headlight for your bike and as the torch can be easily removed form the bike, you could use the torch to look in dark areas or put away your bike without worrying that you might trip over something.

I hope you find this instructable any good to you.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I use a Poundshop bungee cord- it's quicker then messing around with loads of rubber bands and it's much stronger (even if it is from a Poundshop!).


    10 years ago on Introduction

    A simpler and stronger way would be a piece of old inner tube over the shaft of the torch to prevent scratches and a short piece with a hole in each end in place of the elastic bands.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Hey Nice Idea...Well In Fact I Love It...Thanks...!

    Wow. Rubberbands on your handlebars. I never knew how amazing this was to take the time and post a whole detailed 3 step instructable about it.


    11 years ago on Step 3

    I love the fact that, if you already have your torch, the project is essentially free!