Removable Tent Platform for Trailer




This project gives the user a flat, off the ground, dry platform for a 7x7 tent.
Tired of uneven ground, or a river running thru your tent? This project may work
for you.

Step 1: Getting Started

Start by making short 2x4 walls. These will give you a place to screw in your hinges later.
Also gives you plenty of support for even weight distribution.

Step 2: Sliding Trays

Since the trailer original flooring is expanded steel (open steel mesh) I made 2 sliding trays using 1/4 inch plywood and 1x2's. Once the doors are in place these trays allow for storage without road spray from getting stuff wet.

Step 3: Starting the Platform

I used 4x8 sheets od blandex board to make the inner platform. These are hinged in the center to allow the user access to gear from the sides. The original trailer size is 4' wide by 6' long.

Step 4: Outer Platform Build

The outer platform is 1 4x8 sheet of blandex ripped down the center and hinged to the interior platform. Disassembled an old walker to make the outer supports.These are screwed to 2x4's which are hinged to the underside of the outer platform boards.Since the walker legs are adjustable, this allows for some adjustment on uneven ground.

Step 5: Finishing the Outer Platform

Since our platform is limited to 6' in trailer length I cut the platform boards to 7 '. This will give a one foot overhang in front. Since the entrence will be located in the rear of the trailer weight in the front will be minimal.

The walker tops have been cut off and plastic caps put on the cut stubs.

Step 6: The Deck, Adding Carpet.

For comfort purposes, I bought some outdoor carpet. Installed snaps to the blandex and the carpet so it can be removed and rolled up for storage when not in use or winter storage.

Step 7: Paint and Back Doors

Paint the deck help stop water from being absorbed into wood. Hang doors on the rear.

Step 8: The Result

This is the end result.  With some basic carpentry skills and very cheap material you can improve your camping experiance.

Step 9: After Thought

After the first use I added a cargo tray which does double duty, adds room to carry more gear and can be used as a place to put shoes overnight while sleeping in the tent. Also to have cooler close by for a midnight drink when the needed arises.

This also shows the unit folded and ready for transport. With plent of room under the deck for your tent, sleeping bags, pillows, etc.

This is my first project I've posted here, I will try to any questions. Thanks for viewing.



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    7 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Close up pic of support for BearDawgus. Just a 2x4 screwed to the support. Used 2" deck screws.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Great project. I built something similar for a full size pickup bed many years ago. I am now seeking to build pretty much the same thing you built (from a 40" x 4 ft Harbor Freight Trailer base). However, I am seeking to build 4ft high walls on each side (and tail) which will hinge outward and require support on the outer edges to make a 12ft x 12ft stage platform for musical performances.

    I am interested in knowing how well the medical instrument side supports held up, and if you think something similar would work for a "stage platform" with 3-4 musicians walking around on the top? Any comments you can provide are greatly appreciated. I do not "blog" and thus do not understand how I will hear if you make a comment. :-( I guess I will try to check back sometime soon. :-)

    2 replies

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    I have updated the build this past summer. I made a new deck design and now the supports still have the 2x4 supports screwed to the legs, but now the tops come up from the bottom through holes I have drilled in the top rail. See attached pic below. Will try and post a pic of the legs alone later today.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    I believe that the medical supports would work for you. But in your case I would use a total of 4 supports. I have stood on the wooden frame supported by a single set of legs and I weigh about 215 lbs.. My other thought is that you may want to add some sort of diagonal brace to the legs to prevent a "kickout" from any lateral movement of

    the stage. Good luck, sounds like a great build!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is awesome! I had just decided that my "Phineas & Ferb" project for this summer would be something like this, but I'm going to try adding a window AC and/or a 12 volt cooler AC - My son and I love kayaking in the summer, but the nights in FL and the no-see-ums are just too brutal.

    Welcome to the site, from another newbie. This place rocks!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I have a 7x9 dome tent that I am going to do this to on a 4x8 harbor freight trailer. However I am going to make the outside raised up 2 ft and have the floor fold out like you did, but having sunken in floor by cutting out the center of the tent. This should allow seating area around outside edge. Sleeping area wil be 4 ft by 9 ft. and the other end will be 4x9 for table, fridge and 3 burner stove. I already have a fridge that is 23 in tall. Thanks for this instructable to get my mind on the right track. good job.
    in Missouri


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is nice. More basic than a tent-trailer. Good solution for raising tent off the wet, rough ground.