Remove Broken Key From Deadbolt

Sorry. Not eloquent today.

Going to work. Closed door. Deadbolt. Key broke off.

Called locksmith. Need to drill. $200 labor. $40 parts. Disconnect.

Look online. "Deadbolt? Sucks to be you. Call a locksmith." Disconnect.

Step 1: Unlock

Tried multi-tool. No grip.

Tried tweezers. No grip.

Put end of tweezers against keyhole. Think drift punch. See picture.

Hit tweezers with multi-tool. Think hammer.

Cylinder rotated. Slightly. Kept doing. Deadbolt unlocked. Door opened.

Step 2: Unplug

Keyhole still full.

See last step. Rotate cylinder to key removal position. Tip of knife against top of key. Pry outward.


See last step. Rotate a tiny bit. Pry.


Repeat above until joyful. Spend $240 on something else.



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    You can also try to lubricate a lock with WD40 and try a magnet if you have it. When you turn a key in a place where you put it in a magnet could do a favour of getting it out a bit for a better grip. Not all locks need to be drilled, at least when you have only had a broken key inside. But when lock insides get damaged you can not open a door withour removing a broken deadbolt. Though its better to leave this work to proffesionals because key extraction is far less expensive than to remove a whole lock you broke trying to get a key

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    3 years ago

    Please note, the key will not come out unless the keyway is vertical. There are tools made specifically to extract broken keys. In a pinch a straight pin may lever it out.