Remove Slop From Table Saw Slots

Introduction: Remove Slop From Table Saw Slots

How to remove slop from table saw slots with only one material you most likely already have.

Step 1: Materials

The one and only material you need is:
Any tape works but I prefer packing tape and recommend it! :)

Step 2: Tape

cut a piece of tape that will fit along your table saw slot. I had to cut 2 because my table saw has t slots.

Step 3: Remove Slop

Align the tape along your slots. You should spend time lining it up so you don't have to redo it :)

Step 4: Test

Test the fit. If it's too tight, use thinner tape or only use tape along one side of the slot. If its to loose, repeat thee process. Thanks for looking at my instructable! :)



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    nice work will try it this weekend