Remove Turret in Halo for PC





Introduction: Remove Turret in Halo for PC

Through the use of HMT, Halo PC can be changed quickly and easily. While some mods can take time and energy to do, removing the turret from a warthog can be quite simple.


Step 1: Open Halo Map Tools

Open up HMT and find any map with warthogs in it, then open it.

HMT can be downloaded here

A set of plugins can be downloaded here, but are not nessecary for this mod.

Step 2: Change Textures

Find the tab for bitmaps, and click the plus button next to it. Then, find the texture entitled Levels/a10/cryo glass, and copy the numbers CA161C from the box next to the word "Meta".

Then, scroll down and find the texture entitled vehicles'warthog/bitmaps/ warthog chaingun and paste the code into the box next to the "Swap" button. Press Save.

Step 3: The End!

Launch Halo and admire the look of a warthog without a turret.

Step 4: Optional-Disable Turret

To keep the now invisible turret from shooting, go to the Weapon tag and find the warthog gun. Then, scroll down in the properties area and find the projectile drop down bar. Select 1. Set the projectiles fired to 0, and the turret will now be disabled.



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    44 Discussions

    do you know how to take the wheels off too?... because then you can all be even less intelligent!

    lol for even more fun to make it a passenger vehicle change the W-gunner tag to W-passenger

    Oh yer, If anyone sees a guy on Halo called "The Jackal", that's me so say Hi and that you're from 'ibles - Thanks

    5 replies

    have you ever seen needler54 or needler 51 or mabey even yo mama (they are all my name)

    I'm "The Daft". If you see let me know! and keep your eyes open for an insructables forum! I'll add these mods ,and perhaps a few others...

    Cool, I've seen someone called the Daft Hacker and I might of seen you, do you play one "{ALB}bLaCk's Dedicated Sever Mod"?, I play one that when I can.

    What country do you live in? I'm in Australia so if you're in a different time zone it could be a little difficult...

    If you want to know how to make it fly: Find the pelican in one of the campaign maps (Easiest to do it here, Best to do it on B30 A.K.A Silent Cartographer) somewhere using HMT... I think it might be in the vehi category... Anyways... Find it, choose seat 0 and change the driver from P- Driver to W- Driver. Then, to get easy access to a pelican, change the frag grenade meta to the pelican meta. Save your changes and open your map. Toss a frag grenade and walk up to the pelican. If you did this right and if I told you how to do this right, you should be able to ride the pelican, drive the pelican and flip the pelican. Have fun!

    Nice, I did this it worked first time i tried, but i might mod it a little more so the controls are easier to fly the damn thing.

    hey do you know a way to make HHT or HMT to work on halo trial cause neither will work they say not a valid halo map file or file not found and i already unchecked the box read only

    Change the warthog physics to a pelican physics. It'll handle a little strange, and it looks odd, but It works.

    More specificly, go to the vehicles tab and change the main ID to pelican. Then tweak the speed and such to your preferences.