Remove a Popcorn Ceiling Without a Mess

Introduction: Remove a Popcorn Ceiling Without a Mess

Any Popcorn Ceiling can be easily removed without a mess by using the Popcorn Ceiling Removal Bucket tool to catch and contain the popcorn texture as it is scraped away from the ceiling.

To Remove Your Popcorn Ceiling You Will Need the Following Tools:

1. Popcorn Ceiling Removal Bucket

2. 12" Putty Knife or Taping Blade

3. Standard Garden Sprayer

4. Plastic Sheeting/Drop Cloths

5. Step Ladder

6. Trash Bag or Trash Receptacle

To Remove Your Popcorn Ceiling Follow the Steps Below:

1. Lay your plastic sheeting/drop cloths over your floor to protect your floors from exposure to water.

2. Fill your garden sprayer with warm water and spray an even coat of warm water over the popcorn ceiling.

3. Allow 10 to 15 minutes for the warm water to fully absorb into the popcorn ceiling. Once the warm water has fully absorbed into the popcorn ceiling it will break down the adhesive bond between the drywall and the popcorn ceiling texture.

4. Grab your Popcorn Ceiling Removal Bucket and your 12" putty knife or taping blade and from your ladder begin scraping the popcorn texture into the Popcorn Ceiling Removal Bucket. To ensure that you get all of the popcorn texture into the Popcorn Ceiling Removal Bucket, guide the bucket along the edge of your putty knife. As you scrape the popcorn ceiling texture it will fall directly into the bucket. This is key to eliminating the mess of the removal process, saving you lots of clean up time and keeping your room clean.

5. Once the popcorn ceiling texture has been completely scraped down allow a full day for the ceiling to fully dry before doing any skim coating or painting.



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    7 Discussions

    Thanks for sharing the proper technique!!

    1 reply

    This is a painted popcorn ceiling to see how it is removed with the same process.

    This worked too easily. I wonder if it was recently applied popcorn or a ceiling that has been pained over several times as most older ceiling would be. I think you will get a different result with an older, painted ceiling.

    1 reply

    The same process will work on even a painted popcorn ceiling. This one wasn't painted but I have done many painted ceilings the same way. As long as it wasn't painted with an oil paint it can still be easily removed. Sometimes you just have to soak it twice with warm water instead of just once.

    You prob don't wanna empty the remaining popcorn mixture down a kitchen sink, wouldn't you?

    1 reply

    As long as there isn't any asbestos you can. It's just like joint compound. Water completely breaks it down. It won't clog pipes or anything like that.