Remove the Front Seat Volkswagen Beetle S




This is a simple task, if you know how. A friends 17 year old daughter owns this car and removes all seats to vacuum the interior and change/wash slip on seat covers. She says it far easier to take them out.

Step 1: Lift Seat Adjusting Lever in Front and Slide the Seat Forward Till It Hits Spring Stopper Near the Centre Hump

Step 2: Press Spring Stopper Clip Down, the Seat Will Move Over the Clip Pulled by the Coil Tension Spring Under the Seat

Step 3: Lift Lever Slide Seat Further Forward

Step 4: Unhook the Tension Spring on the Hump Side Under Seat

Step 5: Lift Lever Slide Seat Right Forward

Step 6: Slide Seat Off Tracks

Step 7: Take the Seat Out



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    2 years ago

    The pics all look very similar. Can you add some pictures of what the mechanisms look like?