Removing Annoying Beep From Wireless Charger

Introduction: Removing Annoying Beep From Wireless Charger

In this instructable I will show you how to remove the annoying beep from a Cyspo portable wireless charger.

this may work for other electronics as well and even kids toys that make an annoying sound. The basic idea here is to find the speaker and remove it. it will not affect the performance of the charger. However do this at your own risk, as it will most likely void the warranty.

Step 1: Remove the Top Cover

the top is held on by clips for this charger if you pull the sides outward and up it will come loose. your device may be different once you have access to the chip unscrew it. this charger only has 3 screws. the bottom side should look like the picture above.

Step 2: Locate the Speaker

locate the speaker. on this charger it is the big square in the middle, but on most devices it will be round so if you are doing this on something else listen carefully to where the sound comes from.

Step 3: Finished

the final result should look like the picture above. re-assemble the device. make sure to screw the chip in properly so its not loose in the case. the cover should pop back into place easily.

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    4 years ago

    also on a sidenote: if you hear an (unintentional) high pitch sound continuously, that may be due to a mechanically loose coil of the converter. drop a bit of hot glue in and on the coil to stabilise it and remove the "singing".
    works for almost all (mostly cheap) converters which have this acoustics...