Removing Broken Floor Tile


Introduction: Removing Broken Floor Tile

Removing Broken Floor Tile with the Dremel Multi-MaxTM and the 1/8" Grout Blade #MM500 and Sanding Paper #MM900 w/ Sanding Pad #MM11



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    The use of the term "Dremel" is used as colloquial societal vocabulary much like the terms "Kleenex" or "Bandaid".

    SPAM = supposed + ham.

    The tacky spamming refers to Tile sellers that do not profit when we Do It Ourselves. They are supposed to be helpful when in fact they are hamming up their storefronts and boosting their profits when they should be mindful that we are a DIY community.

    hoping for a reply from the author: 1: Any hope of an oscillating tool that uses some of the bits from the regular dremel, especially the polishing stuff. 2: will this tool cut the heavy wall PVC pipe uses as water mains? I have a few fountain projects, but the heavy tube has: a: Melted a dremel b: worn out several saber-saw bits c: defied efforts to cut it with a skilsaw (8 in rotary saw) I'd also like see dremel's take on a uni-mat.

    ironic how all these comments are biased on being "spam" when its just "clever marketing" I will personally never use a dremel since they don't last long with the wear and tear i put them through, but as a hobby tool it is great. Obviously they are advertising for their own (who wouldn't?) Being biased enough to rant about it being spam rather than looking past the obvious. I don't own aforementioned rotary tool of said brand but that doesn't make me rant about how bad/good it is. (No, i'm not polishing my halo) good tutorial, but references to actual names of the tools would be greatly appreciated.

    Hardly! If I use a Dremel tool in one of my Instructables and say something like ...pick up your dremel and... is it spamming? No.

    ....a regular person making an instructable with a dremel in it would be's just when companies create profiles just to show off their own products......

    How do you know other instructables using a Dremel aren't Dremel in disguise? It doesn't matter, its just they use a Dremel. Its a helpful tutorial, and its appreciated by people with a Dremel. Its not spam. (11% of that comment was the word "Dremel")

    hmmmmm....spam or not spam?...I'm not sure here.