Removing Green Screen From a Video for Free (Windows PC)




Introduction: Removing Green Screen From a Video for Free (Windows PC)

About: VSDC is a free video editing software for Windows PC

Green screen - often called Chroma Key - is one of the most popular effects among Hollywood-level producers, gamers, and YouTubers. Although it may look or sound complicated - it's not at all. In fact, even a video editing newbie will be able to apply this effect without much effort.

You can easily remove a green background from your video, no matter which OS you're using. If you're on Windows, check VSDC V ideo Editor. If you're on Mac, use iMovie.

While this particular instruction is about removing green screen in VSDC video editor, iMovie users can check out this tutorial.

For Windows users: How to use VSDC to remove green screen from your video

VSDC is a free video editor with the Chroma Key tool on board, which means it can be used as a green screen software. It's strongly recommended to use the background of green color because this is the only color recognized by the free version of VSDC Video Editor. If you're using the blue screen, you'll have to consider VSDC Pro version for removing it from the video.

Step 1: Add a Video With Green Background to the Timeline Using the Left-side Menu.

Step 2: Go to "Video Effects" to Select "Transparency". Choose "Background Remover". in the Pop-up Window Click "OK".

Troubleshooting: if the green background hasn't been automatically removed, go to the right-side menu - "Chromakey color", choose the eyedropper and click on the green screen. This way the program will pick the color to be removed.

Step 3: Step 3. Look at Your Scene Object. If It Looks Perfectly Clean From the Green Background, Skip This Step. If It Is Surrounded by a Bit of Green Color, Go to the Right-side Menu and Find the Following Settings:

  • Minimum brightness threshold.
  • Maximum chromaticityU threshold.
  • Maximum chromaticityV threshold

Typically, it works great if you significantly increase all three parameters, but you'll have to manually try changing them to see the result and adjust accordingly because the brightness, contrast and color settings combinations are quite individual for each video.

Step 4: Step 4. Add the Picture or the Video That Is Supposed to Replace Your Green Screen to the Scene.

Step 5: Step 5. Right Mouse Click on Your Initial Video (the One That Was Shot With a Green Background) and Choose Order - One Layer Up.

Step 6: Enjoy the Result!

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