Removing Metal From the Eye

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When I get a bit of ferrous metal in my eye this is the first thing I try before going to get a lecture from the doctor about wearing safety goggles. It wont work for anything non ferrous.

I am not in any way qualified to give medical advice I am only showing how I go about performing this on myself. In other words don't try this at home.

Step 1: How I Get the Metal Out

Tools Required:

-one fairly strong magnet ( I used a fridge magnet here )

-something clean, pointy and magnetically conductive ( I used a #1 phillips head driver bit )

Here is how I went about it:

Thanks for checking this out!



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    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    I hope that never happens to me, but thank you for showing how to fix the problem if it does :)