Removing Snowblower From Kubota Tractor



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Winter is over and it's time to remove the snowblower from the tractor. The Kubota BX25 and the rear mounted snowblower had a good workout during the winter but now I have to get it off and get the backhoe on.   This year I decided to leave all of the 3-point hitch parts on the snowblower rather than remove them from both the snowblower and the tractor.  I'm hoping that this will make it a bit easier and faster to get the snowblower back on next fall.  Will have to wait and see. You can see the tractor and snowblower in action by checking out my YouTube channel

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Step 1: Not Many Tools Needed to Remove Snowblower

Step 2: Important! Set Parking Stand Before Removing Links (see Video for Why)

Step 3: View Before Components Are Disconnected

Step 4: The Hydraulic Line, Drive Line, and Top Link Pin Have Been Disconnected Here

Step 5: Snowblower Is Fully Removed From the Tractor

Step 6: Time to Oil, Grease, Torque and Cover

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