Removing in Photoshop.

Introduction: Removing in Photoshop.

Okay, so you know when you take a really good photo, but theres something in the background, that just kind of ruins the whole thing?
Well, in this instructable, i'll show you exactly how to take those things out.
All you'll need is
-your picture of choice
-A little time

Step 1: Zoom In

To get the best results, you'll probably want to zoom in on the area in which you want to edit first.
In this picture, I'm going to edit out the wires in the background.

Step 2: Clone Stamp Tool.

Select the tool that looks like a stamp, then go to the 'clone' stamp tool.
Using that, go over the color(or object) that you want to cover up the other object with.
I went over the blue-really close to the wire to get a bettter result-
Then hold 'Alt' and click the wanted area.

Step 3: Last Step

All you have to do now, is go over the area you wish to get rid off is-by staying
clicked on the clone tool-is to go over and click the wanted area.
To get the best results, you may want to continue to use the clone tool to get different
patterns and colors, to match better with the background around it.
And if you're doing something with wires, don't forget to get ALL of them!
Including in and behind trees, and other objects. 

Step 4:

The clone tool will take to anything you clone it with, patterns, plain colors etc.
if you look in the background, i took out the mailbox and telephone pole too. ;)

By the way, that photo is not mine, but one we used in digital photography the previous year.
it was just an easy example.

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    you should put a photo on your intro step so that people will see a thumbnail for your project in the recent feed, this helps them understand what the project is and makes them want to click on it more.