Rename and Change Password of HC-05 Bluetooth Module

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Bluetooth have been an old but yet very usefull solution to many different pairing and sharing modules. This happens quite a number of times when we pair multiple modules in our mobile phones, it becomes slightly difficult to figure out which module is to be used for which purpose. Having same password for all the modules is a problem because anyone can connect to our modules then and this can be problematic.

The only fair solution out is to rename and change the password of our Bluetooth module. This blog is all about renaming and changing password of an HC-05 blue-tooth module. It's a well known fact that the default name is HC05 and its password is 1234 and this is almost the same for every module.

Components Required -:

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Step 1: Making Connections/ Schematics

Make connections according to the schematics.

Connect STATE PIN of Bluetooth module with RESET PIN of Arduino uno via Capacitor in series

Download Schematic

Step 2: Checking Default Name and Password

Connect the system to your phone and figure out the default name and password through your phone. seems likely here we have the Default name as "HC-05" and Password.

Step 3: Changing Name With the Help of Code

Using the code the user can change the the name of the Bluetooth module. There are certain AT commands which help to make changes in the code and in the module as well. These commands help in making changes in the name and passwords of the modules.

Click here for the code

Step 4: Uploading Code to the Arduino Board

Upload the code to the Arduino board. Remove the RX & TX pin while uploading code and after the code uploads reconnect the RX & TX pin. Remove the power supply cable for some time. Press the module pin for some time and then simultaenously plug in the power supply cable. After this process the module gets renamed as changed in the code and the password also gets changed.

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