Renew Sound Portable Casing




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I'm really bored whit my sound portable casing that has ugly, looks boring and faulty battery. i had the idea to make my own casing. because i like different.


Step 1: What Is Needed

what is needed ? of course outdated sound portable boring, and some tools

tools and material.

1. outdated sound portable

2. acrylic or you can use the former casing old printer, PC etc.

3. foam ( i get from old printer )

4. jigsaw ( why use jigsaw? because easy for cutting)

5. super glue ( i use this because fast dry. this super glue used to glue casing )

6. hot gun glue (this is used to glue foam and speaker)

take component from outdated sound portable and take foam from old printer ( or you buy foam )

Step 2: Design Casing

the casing design i create. i make it with software inkscape, if you have cnc or laser cutting, maybe this file helpful.

i use acrylic with thickness 2mm, if you use acrylic thicker, i recommend to modification the edge in this file.

Step 3: Stacking and Glue

Stacking component that have been cut. then glue with super glue one by one. glued components only component top, bottom, sides and front.

Step 4: Assemble

first attach the speaker with hot glue gun, after that place foam in sides and connect the cable. then create a bolt affixed beside. then attach cover and cover the holes add pipe (you can use pipe from markers).

Step 5: Done

finally its time to play music favorite.



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