Renew and Decorate Old Ski Elmets




Here is a simple guide to renew your old ski helmet

Step 1: Take Your Helmet and Material

You need

-The helmet .. obviusly :D

-The paint, in my case, green paint, h2o based

-Scotch tape


Step 2: Scotch Tape

You have to set the scotch tape on thehelmet, to isolate the parts that you don't want to paint.

Once you have isolated, use the paint with the brush on the helmet.

You can start with small parts..

Once you have painted the parts, let them dry for 15/20 minutes

Step 3: Draw Something on Helmet

if you want to drow something is the same work, just use your strap scotch to draw lines or figure that you want to fill qith colors. like the photo.

Step 4: Finished Work..

This is my personally helmet.

Easy to do.

Once you have finished to paint, you have to panti the helmet with a transparent panti gloss, to secure the colors on the surface

here is the video

Thank you.



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    Wow the new helmet looks so great, what you need to stock image for, your final product is SO much better! Welcome to instructables!

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