Renewable, Sustainable and Environment Improving Method for Generation of Electricity




Introduction: Renewable, Sustainable and Environment Improving Method for Generation of Electricity

About: Hello, I am 17 year old innovator living in India. My interest lies in Electronics. Surf through my creations and enjoy!!!!1

This instructable is about my research on generating electricity from plants. I want to take this this project and compete in Google Science Fair 2017. I want the intellectual minds of Instructables community to judge and give feedback to the project that i made.

This instructable i have written in the parts as mentioned below:

1. Apparatus

2. Why I chose the topic

3. Concept and Research

4.Method and Testing

5. Future Use

Step 1: Apparatus

1. Two Plants

2. Aluminium Foil

3. Calculator(For Testing)

4. Multimeter

Step 2: Why I Chose This Topic?

1. Electricity Generation through plants will make the people adopting and caring more plants

2. In India, 45% of the food is rice and plantation of rice is also the best way to generate electricity as it is grown in wetlands

3. Some big ideas like Green Rooftops can also be possible.

By this methods of paddy fields and green rooftops massive amount of energy can be produced.

Step 3: Concept and Research

Water can generate electricity by selecting proper anode and cathode.

Here we use aluminium foil as cathode and simple copper wire as anode.

Electricity is generated because soil of the plants has water holding capacity. Using anode and cathode as copper and aluminium will generate electricity due redox reaction happening. Anode side contains roots of plants and some bacteria such as lactobacillis bacteria. Oxidation and reduction happens inside due to H2O present in the moist soil.Thus not only plants moist soil or wetlands also generate voltage.

One plant can generate upto 0.5v as shown in the image 2 of this step.

The end with aluminium foil is negative terminal and other copper wire is positive terminal of plant cell.

Step 4: Method and Testing.

Now, we will check the results of the experiment.

We will arrange the cell of two plants by connecting the wires in two plants in series. I have used multimeter for checking the voltages. The experiment was conducted for six hours.

Step 5: Conclusion

The experiment was conducted by me for six hours and the results are as follows

Initial: 0.8v

After 1 hour: 0.97v

After 2 hours: 1.01v

After 3 hours: 1.07v

After 4 hours: 1.1v

After 5 hours: 1.23v

After 6 hours: 1.17v and it remained 1.17v.

Step 6: Using Calculator With Plant Power

You can use the calculator using plant power by following this:

1. Take out the cell and solar panel from calculator.

2. Supply the voltages from plants negative terminal to negative terminal of solar panel connections and vice versa.

3. Keep it for 2 hours without using.

4. After two hours the is charge stored in its capacitor and you can use it.

Step 7: Future Use(Green Rooftops)

The idea of green rooftops is shown in the image taken from Google.

If plants would generate electricity and people come to know about it, huge amount of electricity can be produced by green rooftops and some houses can also run from it.

Limitations: Here, I found current of only 0.1mA by applying 100 ohm of external resistance.

I hope you like it. Please give feedback in the comment Below!!!


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    4 Discussions


    Question 2 years ago

    Hello Patel,

    I cannot get it to work. There is no detectable energy coming from my plants, any recommendations? I am planning on connecting a small LED clock to it.


    3 years ago

    Not sure that the plants are doing anything here so much as the wet soil is an electrolyte and using two different metals creates a battery.

    As for toxicity neither aluminium nor copper are terribly toxic though metals do build up in plants.


    3 years ago

    honestly, this is pointless, what is the purpose of the plant? why cant you just use water? i ask this as the water the plant is absorbing is now probably poisonous.

    Also, this is not a viable waya of generating electricity the embodied energy in the anode and cathode is much higher than the energy obtained from this reaction


    3 years ago

    I reckon the electrolyte (soil/water mix) will be relatively stable in this but how quickly will the cathode detoriate, needing replacement?