Renewing Sanding Disks




Introduction: Renewing Sanding Disks

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Just like tires, worn out Velcro- backed sanding disks can be given a second life by gluing fresh stock onto their dull surfaces. This Instructable will demonstrate a reliable and inexpensive way to refresh your old ones so they may perform better than new in some cases.

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Step 1: How to Proceed

Begin by making a template based on the desired size and marking the material out, in this case I wanted 5” (127 mm) rounds. I purchase inexpensive bargain box mill- ends from an abrasive house and use this top- quality stock for all my disk sanding needs, as well as square ¼ sheet random style and also hand sanding blocks. I’m never without the proper grit I need at any time day or night.

Step 2: Make a Variety of Grits

Next I cut the disks free and also salvage any straight sections from offcuts to keep in my shop apron pocket for on the job minor touch-ups.

Step 3: Assemble the Two

Using construction adhesive, I attach the new disk to the old ones I have collected and saved for just this use. Dead weighting under a pressboard for about ½ hour is plenty to ensure complete bonding.

Tip Within A Tip: See the black electricians tape at the end of the glue nozzle?

I slice inline back from the tip about ¾” (19.05 mm) to eject the dried slug from previous use, then re- tape for a good as new free- flowing applicator tip. I can find partially used cartridges at yard sales dirt cheap, or in roadside refuse for free and this trick allows for total use of the contents.

Step 4: Parting Thoughts

Finally, you may choose to punch or cutout the suction holes on yours, but I don’t. I simply roll my construction project cart out onto the driveway and sand away. I have found that with the high quality mill remnant stock, the disks cut equal to or more often better than the originals. This is not surprising since home center sanding products are not produced to the same rigors as the industrial type of products. Things like grit size and abrasive qualities are much more closely controlled along with purging of "tramp" grits of greater or lesser coarseness which can contaminate the specified grade. I bought a 10 lb. box of assorted grits from 80- 120, both cloth and paper backed, although other put ups are also available.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Neet little tip for any caulking tube is to use an electrical wing nut cap (used to join and insulate 2 or more wires together). Easy, fast and twists on securely. Available almost anywhere hardware is sold.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice work. The tip for de-clogging caulking cartridge tips alone was worth the price of admission! I will use that from now on. Thanks!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, I picked that one up somewhere, sometime in life.
    You really can find plugged tubes 1/2 full or better, usually from a home
    remodel/ repair site, many guys just pop in a new one rather than mess with
    working the stoppage out with a screwdriver, drill bit etc.