Renewing a Chair




Introduction: Renewing a Chair

I've recently receives six old chairs from a family member and although the chairs are at a very good state they do not fit well to my interior design and colors,

So I've decided to renew them from an old looking dark brown chair into white, giving them a prestige kind of look,
while at it I've also decided to cover the seat with a dark gray/black stain protected fabric.

here is a list of what I've used:

  • Oil Brush
  • Staple Gun
  • Wood oil color (White)
  • Fabric

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Step 1: Painting the Chair

To paint the chair I've chosen an oil color, it's much messier and takes longer to dry but it a more sustainable color.

Before painting the chair I unscrewed four screws and detached the seat,
Coloring the chair required two layers, (had to wait two hour in between)

Step 2: Cover the Seat

To cover the seat I've first removed the back fabric that hides the seat wood, I've used a staple to remove the stables that were holding it (some of them required a use of a plaier)

after that I could have removed the old beige fabric of the sit, I've decided to cover it without removing.

cut a piece of fabric, 2" wider then the seat (on each end)
the corners required a little bit of effort so the sides of the sit will not have wrinkles, you can have a look at the picture of how it could be solved.

and that's it for the seat :)

Step 3: Finished!

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    They look really nice, I like the black and white contrast :)


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    Thanks :)