Renovated Dolls House

Introduction: Renovated Dolls House

About: Mum to 4beautiful daughters, and wife to a loving husband x Life keeps us very busy but I always find time to craft, and my girls also love it so it's a great being able to craft together :-)

Giving an old neglected children's small dolls house a new lease of life :-)

Step 1:

The old disused house.

Step 2:

If possible take apart pieces then completely wipe down all pieces to ensure they are free of dust. It was at this stage I sanded the timber frame to remove the marker pen drawings.

Step 3:

For the floor pieces I covered them in wood grain contact. Being that the house is simply in its layout with only four rooms I used it for all rooms. For the walls I used scrap booking paper to represent wallpaper, a couple of different designs. This was glued on with mod podge glue.

Step 4:

The back outside wall was painted to cover marker pen that I was unable to remove as was the front window sections. I chose red as that was the existing roof color. The Stripey top pattern was actually a mistake as I glued the "wallpaper" on the wrong side. But I actually liked how it now looks :-)

Step 5:

Once all pieces are complete I reassembled the house.

Step 6:

I really love how the floors look now. My girls have been having a great time putting this house to use.

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