Renovating Old Beyblade

Beyblade is one of the very popular Toy with Children. My Grandson have two or three of them. Once he started complaining that old beyblade do not keep on spinning for longer and goes rolling all over the kitchen floor or falls down from the table top.

Step 1: Base Is Scratched

When I looked at the base of beyblade I found that the base of beyblade where on which it spins has become rough and scratched which was causing it to spin for less time.

Step 2: Fixing It With Bead

It was necessary to repair the base. I found one half plastic bead lying in toybox. I pasted it in the centre of the base with superglue.

Step 3: Nice Spinning Beyblade

And the result is amazing. Now the Beyblade spins for more than a minute and can stay on table.

Step 4:



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