Renovism - a K'nex Ball Machine

Introduction: Renovism - a K'nex Ball Machine

About: Hi I'm Leigo Andre. I changed my name because copyright precautions. I like building with Knex and that's what you will see on my channel. You'll also see some of my lame videos which are actually killer coo...

There we were, at LAN towers, cleaning out the old machines, the computers...
When all of a sudden we came upon the digital content of an ancient machine... A machine well beyond the technical advancement of the day! Beside the clips and photos there was nothing more of the machine, and so we called it...

Hey Guys!

I'm back with another Ball Machine: Renovism. It has been sitting on my computer since 2014 and I have finally got around to it. It was built in a week flat and features several innovations from your favorite K'nexperts: Famous names such as Austron, Shadowman39, Sandroknexmaster, Sorunome, Tornado96, IAmCanadian & many more! Thanks to you all!

In this Instructable you will find an album of pictures for Renovism, and links for instructions to many Lifts, Paths & Elements featured in Renovism!

Don't forget to check out my YouTube Channel (Maybe even Subscrieb?)


-Leigo Andre

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Step 1: Photo Album

Here are all of the photos I took of Renovism just spewed out at you!

These can also be used for reference if you want to build off the pictures.

Step 2: Lifts

I used 3 lifts on Renovism, powered by 2 electric motors; Inverted Double Helix Lift, Fast Cardan Gear Lift, and my modified version of the Semi-Circle Lift - the Semi Oval Lift.

The Inverted Double Helix Lift was made by Shadowman39, and the Instruction to his lift can be found here:
K'nex Inverted Double Helix Lift

The Fast Cardan Gear Lift is an innovation by Austron. You can see his original video here: Fast K'nex Cardan Gear Ball Lift

The Semi-Circle Lift was made by Tornado96. You can find the instructions for it here: K'nex Semi-Circle Lift
I plan to make mod instructions eventually on how to make the Semi-Circle Lift into a Semi-Oval Lift.

You can always refer back to the pictures in this instructable for building!

Step 3: Paths & Elements

A Few Elements I used in the machine.

Update: All of the guides for K'nex Ball Machine Elements I used were compiled into one BIG guide, cheers to you mate!

The Elliptica by I Am Canadian

Guide to K'nex Ball Machine Path Selectors by Mathsboy314

Step 4: That's It

Well, that's all I have for you for know! I know it's kinda short. Check out my YouTube Channel for some fun videos. Feel free to comment & question below!

-Leigo Andre

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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    This ball machine is awesome!!!

    Leigo Andre
    Leigo Andre

    4 years ago

    Nah, the prologue is just a fun backstory I made up. I built it completely. In the story I mean I was looking across my computer and found the files (pictures & video) then made the YT Video. This machine is 2 years old :P (Torn down long ago, of course).


    4 years ago

    Great ball machine! I especially love the shape! :D