Reorganize Your Jewelry!

Introduction: Reorganize Your Jewelry!

Do you hate it when you're running out of the house late and you rush to your jewelry box, but everything is tangled? Then, you have a heart attack because your outfit is missing something but you're already late so now you don't feel like going out anymore because your outfit isn't perfect. YOU NEED THAT ONE NECKLACE. YOU NEED THAT ONE BRACELET. AND DON'T FORGET THAT RING! All the sudden, a great, sunny day is ruined by your extremely tangled and knotted accessories. 

 Well, there is no reason to be mad-anymore! With this easy-to-make, simple and plain( of course, you can decorate it however you want) jewelry storage, you'll able to see all of your pieces at once, without knots! It's wonderful and it helps you stay organized. 

The hooks are created to serve your delicate necklaces, letting them hang free while the beautiful made and polished shelves are created for storage of items such as but not limited to: hair accessories, bracelets, earrings, watches and so much more. The box can hold everything you need. 

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Step 1: Step 1: Get Needed Materials and Tools

-One 16.5 ' x 5'
-One 21.5' x 18'
-Two 7 'x 5'
-Two 18' x 5'
-Two 20' x 5' 
-OPTIONAL: One 12.5' x 5' 
-Hooks (2 packs) 


Step 2: Place in Hooks

Take one of the wooden pieces that are 20' x 5'. Measure out 13'. You are leaving 7' out because there will be a divider that will slightly off the middle. Make the holes an inch in the width. (The width is 5 inches, so on one side, the holes would be at the 1' mark, and the other side, it will be at the 4' mark.) In addition, space out where you are putting the hooks. On the back side of the box, there are going to be 4 holes, so mark the 2' spaces. On the front, space out the hooks to be 3.3'. 

Mark circles and drill holes where the hooks will go. Put hooks into the board. 

Step 3: Build!

Put together the two 18.5' x 5' and the other 20' x 5' together to make the box frame. 

Step 4: Continue Building!

Insert the divider piece, which measures 16.5' x 5'. Use the small 7' x 5' pieces to guide you where to put the divider piece. Secure with nails. 

Step 5: Finish Building!

Add in the 7' x 5' pieces that will serve as the tiny, adorable shelves. They go on the right side of the jewelry box. The length if 18 inches, so space everything 6 inches apart to make three shelves. 

OPTIONAL: Put in another shelf. This is where the 12.5' x 5' comes in. You can put it one or two inches above your bottom piece, so there is another shelf below where your necklaces will dangle. 

Finish by putting the backbone to your jewelry box by attaching the piece that measures 21.5' x 18'. 

Step 6: Decorations!

Paint your box your favorite color, write in inspiration quotes, draw hearts, dots, flowers, and unicorns. Make free to paint some butterflies as well. 

Never again will your day be ruined by tangled necklaces!  :)

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