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Introduction: Repaint Your Bicycle

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Have a Bicycle and it's colours looking faded or not shiny or you just have old Bicycle want it to make it look even better than a new one. So just Repaint your Bicycle which wasn't too hard. I used spray paint to repaint my Bicycle. And now it's looking even newer than a new one. I have painted it under $20. If you want to do, Here's how you can do it.

Step 1: Disassemble the Bicycle.

Disassemble the bicycle from fenders to fork, saddle, handle and even main frame. If you don't disassemble the bicycle, it will very to difficult to paint.

Step 2: Sand All the Parts

Now sand all parts with a sandpaper and don't forget to remove old company decals or stickers. Sand till all the paint is removed. Check that no paint is left to be sanded. You can even use an orbital sander.

Step 3: Clean All the Parts.

After sanding there will be some dust, so clean it with a damp cloth. If small dust particles are left, after painting they may give a rough finish.

Step 4: Selecting Colours

Select the colour you like to see on your Bicycle. Select a combination of 2 colours. I selected White and Blue. I coloured the frame and fork white and coloured other parts blue.

Step 5: Things to Know Before Painting.

Keep in Mind these things Before Painting your bicycle.

1) Wear mask.

2) Practice on a sample thing before doing on your bicycle.

3) Protect the surroundings with newspapers and don't paint indoors.

4) Shake the Can for 1 min before spraying.

5) Paint steadily and in a sweeping motion.

6)Clean the Spray valve after spraying.

7) And Most Important be Patient, let the Paint dry.

Step 6: Paint Time!

Everything's done, now's the time to PAINT. Protect the surroundings by newspaper. Choose the color you want. Shake the Can vigorously for 1 min. Point the Spray Can towards the object. Paint in a steady and sweeping and avoid paint drips. Keep a distance of about 9 to 12inches distance between Spray Can and Bicycle. Apply 3-4 thin coats rather 1 heavy coat. Wait 5-10 minutes after apply one coat and then painting second coat. Avoid over coating and paint drips. In total I used 2 White paint cans and used 1 blue paint can.

For more durability and Gloss, apply clear coat and paint will shine. Let the paint dry for 3-4 hours.

Step 7: Assemble the Bicycle and It's Done

After the paint dries assemble the Bicycle.




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    13 Discussions

    I just got a vintage bike whose paint is still original but has lost its luster. Could it be possible to use only clear coat over the old finish?

    1 reply

    YES, You can apply clear coat on the bike for luster & shine. Don't forget post a picture if you do it.

    I'll have to try this! Would you happen to know a way to transfer sticker/decal decorations from bike to bike?

    1 reply

    Well, it depends on the glue of the sticker or decal that you are removing. If the decal is sticking on the bike nicely, it's good. But removing decal/sticker in perfect condition will be a tricky part. You can buy new decals and stick them after painting that will be a better idea.

    Is it really necessary to disassemble the whole thing? Could we not mask the parts not to be painted? Also, how long will the bike be out of function for the entire process if it is done as quickly as possible?

    1 reply

    It is not really necessary to disassemble but I prefer disassembling Bicycle because it easier to paint and you can get nice finishing. If you don't disassemble it you may not get perfect results. And you can go to nearby Bicycle repairing shop to get disassembled and assembled after its its completed.  :)

    It's okay if you don't remove old paint but do primer coating or clear coating after painting. But after all it depends upon finishing!! ;-) :-)

    Awesome. I'm going to paint my bike black and gray. It's red right now but I don't care much for red

    Wow it looks awesome! I love that blue and white color combination! I've been thinking about re-painting my trike, but I'm intimidated about taking it apart and all the sanding. How long did it take you to sand all the paint off?

    1 reply

    I definitely struggle with the patience part of painting. Great instructable! It's great to see a new face around the community!