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Introduction: Repaint Your Longboard (military Tribute)


I wanted to do something special for our vets and the people whom are currently serving and all those who have fallen to protect this country. So as a military tribute for this upcoming Memorials Day, I decided to repaint my long board. I chose the United States Marine Corps as a design, for my deck because as of this Friday I will be getting sworn into the Marines. However, this is not to show that they are better than any other branch of the Armed Forces. This tribute is for ALL branches. Though the process of creating this military tribute was long and difficult, it's the least I could do to show my respect for our troops.

The difficulty level on scale from 1-5 I would have to say it was about a 4.5. I say this because to get the stencils done it took about 6 and half hours.If you're a veteran, please comment your name and what branch you served in, so I may personally thank you for your service and sacrifice.

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Step 1:

First get painters tape and the colors you want to pray paint onto the deck of your board and a razor blade.

Step 2:

Once you've got your materials, go online find the images you want to put on your deck. After you've done that trace the designs onto a cereal box and cut them out like so.

Step 3:

Spray paint your deck the color you want the background to be and let it dry fully (mine took about 5-10 minutes to dry completely).

Step 4:

Next, get your spray paint and one of your stencils. Tape the stencil onto your deck, cover your deck with painters tape to prevent any excess spray that might get all over your deck. Also, cover your mouth and nose with you shirt to prevent inhaling the paint.

Step 5:

After you painted the image on, leave some tape on the bottom of the stencil and peel it off slowly. This with help prevent smudging.

Step 6:

Once everything is spray painted and dry. Start putting the trucks back on the board.

Step 7:

Now using your fingers, tighten the bolts onto the screws. Once the bolts are screwed on start using a socket wrench and a phillips screw driver to finish tightening trucks to the board.

Step 8:

And there you go! I hope you enjoyed this instructable. Leave comments please. If you have questions on anything leave me a comment below. If you like this please favorite it and if you would like to see more cool projects down the road hit the "follow" button. And if you like this don't forget to vote for it.

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    Mini Me 11
    Mini Me 11

    5 years ago

    Awsome man hust plain awsome

    Pure Carbon
    Pure Carbon

    5 years ago on Introduction

    you did a great job on the symbol in the middle of the board very detailed.