Repainting a Rusty Turtle Patio Decoration




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Ever had a rusty turtle patio decoration that looks extremely old that you wish you can toss it out? Save it! Because I have the perfect solution for you! Try repainting your turtle! It will not only help to make it a revamped item, but it will also look like you just recently bought it from a patio store!

Step 1: What You Need

You will need to look for the following items

  • a rusty turtle patio decoration (you can find one at a local flea market)
  • patio paint (I am using green, brown, yellow (not pictured) and white (not pictured)
  • paint brushes
  • spray varnish (optional)
  • old newspaper

Step 2: Prep Your Surface

Prepare your surface by covering with some old newspaper and place your turtle on top.

Step 3: Paint It On

Now, you can start painting your turtle. I am using green for the head, legs and tail, and brown for the shell. Also, I used white for the nails and yellow for the belly.

You can also add a little spray varnish to give it a nice, glossy look. But, you don't necessarily have to do that step. I just added the spray varnish to the materials list as an option for you.

Step 4: Good As New!

Now that's how you do it! That's how you take a rusty turtle patio decoration and make it look like new again! You can now decorate your patio or plant with your newly reused turtle. No one will ever notice that you've given your turtle a makeover...and it will thank you, too!



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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago on Introduction

    I don't know...I've used Rustoleum paint before and it worked fine. Besides, they may want to "repaint" it in a different color in one or two years...why so negative? I think it is a simple project that made them happy to share and I appreciate their efforts!



    3 years ago



    3 years ago on Introduction

    If you'd soaked it in white vinegar for a day to eat the rust off, then cleaned it, you'd have been better off. Painting over rust is a waste of time. Nice project and nice turtle, though!