Repair a Gopher Reaching Tool




Introduction: Repair a Gopher Reaching Tool

Having bought two of these I was disappointed in how quickly the grip cups broke off. They were held on by self tapping screws into a hard plastic insert that crumbled. Let's fix it.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

I figured I could put a screw through the cup and bolt it to the arm for a permanent fix.
I dug through my hardware hoard (everyone should have one) and found two small screws with matching nuts and lock washers. I also needed an eighth inch drill bit to drill through the cup.

Step 2: Drill Cups and Install Screws

I used the eighth inch drill bit without the drill to drill through the cup and pressed the screws through the cup.

Step 3: Bolt on the Cups

After removing the original screws put the cup bolt through the two holes in the grip arms add the lock washer and the nut and tighten. I added a drop of Loctite to keep it from coming loose with use.(you can also use nail polish or white out). That's it, now I can pick up the dog toys.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I fixed my grandmas by screwing some suction cups to it and ditching the factory cups.