Repair a Tub Filler Diverter With Stripped Threads




Introduction: Repair a Tub Filler Diverter With Stripped Threads

One of the washrooms in my house has a tub / shower with an old tub filler spout that was tiled into the wall.

Over time, the plunger that operates the diverter got stripped threads: it could no longer screw into the mechanism itself and we were not able to use the shower.

I tried gluing it with epoxy but this didn't work.

Using this method we were able to repair it.

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Step 1: Measure

My idea was to replace the threaded section of the diverter with a new section of threaded rod.
The original threads were brass, I'm using stainless steel.
I measured the existing length of the plunger and tried a variety of threaded rods that I had, in order to get the correct size.

Step 2: Cut Off Damaged Threads

I cut the short section of damaged threads off the end of the plunger with a hacksaw.

Step 3: Drill a Hole in the End of the Plunger

I drilled a hole to the size recommended for the correct size tap I was going to use in the next step.

I used a small nail set to punch a divot into the end of the plunger so the drill bit would centre itself

Step 4: Tap New Threads

I tapped new threads into the newly drilled hole. The first time I did not drill the hole deep enough and the tap hit the bottom of the hole and destroyed the new threads, so I redrilled the hole much deeper and retapped.

I then screwed the section of threaded rod in as far as it would go, and marked it to cut off based on the lengths measured from the first step.

Step 5: Glue in Threaded Rod

I used epoxy to glue the section of threaded rod into the plunger.

I waited for that to dry and then screwed it into the tub filler body.

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    4 years ago

    The only thing I would change here is to use threadlocker on your screwthreads otherwise nice fix


    4 years ago

    Really helpful, thanks for the tutorial