Repair Arduino Nano (no Power on USB)




Introduction: Repair Arduino Nano (no Power on USB)

Something happened to one of my Arduino Nono: no more power via USB cable and my laptop doesn't see it as a COM port anymore.

This is a replica to Arduino Nano bought from ebay, but it would probably work with the original Arduino too ( I don't recommend hacking the original one using this tutorial).

Anyhow I found a simple solution, all you need is:

- Soldering Iron

- 4-5 cm wire

- and one Arduino Nano

Step 1: Identify the Pins and Solder the Wire

In the pictures above I've marked with RED the VCC pin (used for powering Arduino Nano using external source) and with GREEN the pins you should connect.

All you have to do is solder the wire between the 2 pins and you're ready to go.

NOTE : This will not work if your Arduino clone doesn't get power from external source.

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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Thanks, It saved my Arduino


    2 years ago


    By following the trace from jumper wire made, it seems the diode is the culprit (not working). So replacing the diode with new one should do the trick as well.