Repair Broken Headphones



Introduction: Repair Broken Headphones

Easy repair for broken headphone legs. I had a pair of headphones and one of the legs broke that connected to the speaker.

Parts List
Black Cable Tie (A metal Cable tie may work better) You can find this in the hardware section at Wal-mart.
J B Weld (This is a strong glue) You can find it in the auto section at Wa-lmart.
Heat Shrink tubing

Step 1: Repair Broken Headphones

Cut a cable tie into two sections. Tightly wrap the cable ties around a pair of needle nose pliers so the cable ties will have a curve that will fit over and under the legs.

Step 2: Repair Broken Headphones

Glue (JB Weld) the cable ties to the under side and the top side of the broken leg. Leave enough room so that you can insert the broken leg between the cable ties
Let the glue dry.

Step 3: Repair Broken Headphones

Insert the broken leg between the two cable ties.  Glue (J B Weld)  the top and bottom cable ties to the broken leg.
Let the glue dry. When the glue is dry cut the cable tie at the end of the leg.

Step 4: Repair Broken Headphones

Optional **  Put heat shrink tubing on both sides of the legs.
You may wont to skip this step. I felt like it may increase the strength and help prevent it from breaking again in the future. If you do this step you may have to go to step 5.

Step 5: Repair Broken Headphones

You may have to relocate one of  the holes on  the speaker because the leg is thicker since you fixed it.
Reassemble the leg to the headphone and your project is now complete.

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