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A hot and humid summer weekend. The evening air full of promises of grilled cheese, tomatoes and steaks...

Inside an equaly hot and humid toilette/bathroom, without a window and with errr less promising smells...

Party guest arriving any moment. Luckily there is a ventilation rotary switch right next to me - oops, there was ...

So what would MacGyvere do?

Step 1: How to Do It - Quick and "schick" (fancy)

  1. Hunt for Materials and Tools
    To quickly replace the outer part of the broken switch I had to find something to clamp tight to the middle rod as well as give enough leverage to allow easy moving.
    Searching in our maker-box I found some konvinient plastic hex-nuts and wooden beads.
    What else would be needed? A hand drill, pliers, sharp sicssors and optional a fancy skunk print-out....and chewing gum (no picture), of course...

Step 2: The Fancy Part (optional)

Use the broken upper part to draw a circle on a design you like and cut it out. Use the pointed scissors to drill a hole in the middle. Use chewing gum to stick it to the back part.

Step 3: The Quick Part

Stick the nail into the wooden bead (Fix it with glue if necessary.).

Drill a small hole throught one side of the hex-nut using the hand drill and use the pliers to press in the nail in and a little bit into the other side.

Fix the handle on the rod.


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