Repair Cheap Pop-Up Tent

Introduction: Repair Cheap Pop-Up Tent

After a kids party our cheap tent was ready for disposal but I hate putting things in landfill. So I thought about how to repair it cheaply. The poles was somehow snapped.

I found a 7mm brass tube on ebay for £2.50 (6mm internal diameter - same as width of pole).

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Step 1: Duct Tape to Fix Holes

I used a some strong duct tape (Gorilla Tape) to sort out a few holes in the tent before fixing the pole.

Step 2: Fixing the Pole

To fix the pole I carefully removed it from the tent. Then I used a short section of brass tubing (6cm) to join the broken pole. I used a hammer and screwdriver to crimp the tube onto the pole so it stuck nicely.

Then, with the help of my assistant (aged 4) threaded the pole back through the tent pole sleeves. Finally I I got the pole under tension and re-connected the original tube collar.

All fixed!

Still is a cheap tent but now ok for a bit longer before heading for landfill!

I wasn't sure these cheap tents could be easily fixed but it turns out they can!

Step 3:

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