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Introduction: Repair Computer Keyboard

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Repair computer keyboard circuit using aluminium foil.

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Step 1: Detect the Problem in Circuit Using Multimeter.

Disassemble your keyboard by unscrewing all screws in the bottom. You'll see three plastic sheets. Clean any previous liquid spills or dirt.

  • upper circuit sheet
  • middle plain plastic sheet
  • bottom circuit sheet

Using multimeter, detect the fault in circuit. It may take a while in detection, be patient. Isolate the problem and this step is done.

Step 2: Using Aluminium Sheet As Conductor.

Use microwave aluminium sheet. I used shisha smoke foil. Cut a strip to cover the faulty area in circuit sheet.

Step 3: Placing Aluminium Strip With a Drop of Glue.

See the red circle. I placed the aluminium strip in between lower and middle plastic sheet. If you've isolated the fault correctly and placed the aluminium foil without a short. Your keys should work now.

Good Luck ~

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