Repair Cracked Tub Easily

My vinyl tub cracked and everything came to a halt. After I calmed down and thought this through, I came up with my own repair process that provides a strong, permanent repair WITHOUT USING one of those "tub repair kits" that are sold online. My repair is stronger AND WAY MORE cosmetically appealing - Check this out and YOU be the judge!

For a complete video presentation, please review the following video:

Materials / Parts used for this repair:

4 inch plastic vents - for cosmetic hole covering -

1/8th inch plywood underlayment - this is cut into strips used as shims

PVC Solvent Cement - used to weld and glue the PVC plastic patch and crack

PCV Pipe - 2 inch - used for the crack repairing patch - gets cut the long way, in half and heated and shaped into a flat plastic patch

4 inch hole saw - used to cut the three holes in the side of the tub

Heat Gun - used to heat up and soften the PVC tubing to create the patch

Heavy weight (such as an 80 pound bag of concrete) to press down on the patch for 48 hrs during the curing process.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    UPDATE - It has been almost 1 month now since the repair and it is holding up wonderfully!

    However, I think that for this to be a super strong, impregnable installation, ALL FOAM should be removed from the tub bottom and that void completely filled with mortar. Too bad the tub that I purchased was designed to remain firm and strong with just the rigid foam alone.