Repair Dell Laptop Power Plugs (hexagonal)

Introduction: Repair Dell Laptop Power Plugs (hexagonal)

Today my Dell XPS m1330 plug broke, (When I got it I saw the design and wondered how long it would take to break, 3 days ).

At first I thought to try to solder a new stud in, Cant because of the depth, or I could replace both ends, but I didnt want to ruin resale value.

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Step 1: Items Needed for Repair


1 Sewing Straight Pin.


Wire-cutters and Tweezers 

Step 2: Cut to Legth and Insert

Cut down the pin to correct size, using trial and error as Plugs can be different. Insert the cut down pin into the center of the port on the laptop using the tweezers.

Now when the broken Plug is inserted the plug makes contact with the pin. And you can remove the Pin at any point!

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