Repair Sommer Door Opener Remote Control

I had several of these sitting on the shelf so I decided to take them apart and try to repair them. I was looking for the obvious and I found it. One of the components becomes loose and needs to be resoldered. Puling the circuit board out is fairly easy. I used needle nose pliers. Once circuit board is out look for the loose component as shown in the photo.

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Step 1: Sommer Garage Door Opener Transmitter Repair

Once you have pulled out the circuit board, look for the part shown that needs to be resoldered. I have about a 75% success rate to resolder this part on to the circuit board. I was happy with that. This is my first instructable, but I wanted to share. thanks, Norm

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    17 days ago

    Thanks for sharing your process - if you share more project on Instructables, it would be cool to see more pictures from your process :D