Repair Tablet Touch Screen (digitizer)




Most cheap Chinese tablets have two-part screen assembly.
One part is touch screen and other part is LCD screen. Touch
screen and LCD screen are not fused together. That makes it
a lot easier to replace. You can replace only touch screen or
LCD if it is broken.

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Step 1: Buy New Touch Screen

Touch screen is also called digitizer. You can find one on ebay or
aliexpress. You can try to find it by tablet model number.
Sometimes that is difficult because Chinese branding stuff
is nightmare. Better approach of finding the correct digitizer for your
tabled is by digitizer model number. That model number is
written on digitizer flat cable connector. Open your tablet and find
digitizer model number.

On my tablet that number is: HK10DR2537

You can ignore QX20151010 it stands for 10.10.2015 manufacture year.

The above digitizer is for 10 inch tablet. Notice HK10DR…

For 7 inch tablet number starts with: HK70DR…

Step 2: Remove Broken Touchscreen

If you heat it above 60 C it will be a lot easier to remove. Here I used
electric bathroom heater. It will not go over 60 C and you can heat
whole digitizer at once. Be sure to wear protective gloves so you don’t
get cut from glass or burned from heat.
After you get it warm you can remove digitizer form plastic frame in on one
hard pull. Clean the rest of glue residue from frame. New glue is on
new digitizer.

Step 3: Place New Touchscreen on Frame

Remove masking tape from new digitizer and place it on plastic frame.
Reassemble the tablet together in reverse order. Insert digitizer flat cable
in place and try tablet before you fully assemble.

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    2 years ago

    are digitizer and LCD have same cable or separate ? because i see only one cable get out...thank you

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Separate cable.
    Best regards.


    2 years ago

    using small space heater was a realy good idea istead of the the normal hair dryer people recommened